Instant photo-printing
from your smartphone
in just a few clicks

What is


The ultimate way to tell
the story of… anything!
Download the app,
make an order and you can have
printed memories in your hand,
before your coffee gets cold.

Scan th QR code
and download the app!

How it


How it


Download the app

Choose photos
and finish your order!

Enter the PIN code
from app and voilá 🙂

Why is Fotomat

good for you?

Offer your guests
a complimentary service
and you can get a commission
from each printed photo up to


for free?

Imagine your guest has
one photo for free every day.
He will register in the app,
finding the blue button
FREE FOTO. He hill get
a photo including
voucher, discount etc.


for staff

You will get
an exclusive QR code
for the app installation.
Guest will scan this code with his
smartphone and we will give you
a reward for each installed
and registered app.

Merch as a


A reminder to enjoy the little things… not least of all this pint-sized Photobook!

Fill it with photos, sized 15×10 cm, and flip through ith anytime you need a little mood boost.

Extra marketing opportunities

for B2B

Targeted FREE PHOTO on photos printed from FOTOMAT

QR coupons for Credits in app

Sending photo printing credits for your loyal customers

What Fotomat needs to work?

no additional costs

220 V
power plug

4G signal
or WiFi

We ship consumables at our expense
and your staff will be trained at your place.